Friday, September 16, 2011

happy birthday dad 9/15/11

Yesterday would have been my dad's 90th birthday. I called my brother and we talked about getting signs or dream visits on auspicious occasions such as this.  Jeff happened to be just beginning a renovation on dad's aluminum trailer parked for many decades now on his property.  I reminded him that it was called the 'Zenith' and we spoke of a long ago favorite photo of Dad and I in front of the trailer. "Oh, I have that framed upstairs in my office", I said.  We talked more about dad's nature, and Jeff made the comment "He was very Zen".  I had never really thought of Dad in that context, but it is true.  He lived fully in the present moment, more than anyone I have ever known.  Ok, now here's the 'sign' I am talking about.  Still on the phone with Jeff, I went up into my office to look again at the photo and got a good dose of goose bumps.  When I framed that photo a couple of years ago, I had to crop it in such away that the only 3 letters visible for the Zenith trailer logo is: ZEN
Never noticed it until now and we both knew dad was present.
Photo credit: Jeff Hinich


  1. once more the door opens,
    once more the light streams in.
    we marvel at the wonder,we wonder at the marvel.
    In the last few days,
    five more signs of contact.
    if leslie & i can be reached
    by our father, departed these 30 yrs.
    then what else is possible?

  2. just this week "Scientists at the world's largest physics lab say they have clocked subatomic particles traveling faster than light"
    (may have to break that gently to Einstein....)

    so yeah, in the realm of the possible, I'll want to keep all the senses open, not limiting to 5 or 6 if I can help it, continue marveling at the transcendental nature of pi (thanks dad), and allowing synchronicity to happen (I'll take that 'stance' (-;


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