Sunday, September 25, 2016


i am sure i startled neighbors in siesta ; only one sticks his head out the window : " are you alright ?"

no . a very robust , easily four inch long grasshopper was apparently riding around in the car with me and jumps up as the car comes to a halt . springing into the back seat , he clings to the upholstery  - considering me .

the tiny green hopper of last spring who hitched a ride inside from the rosebushes via my hair , was just a baby .

i nudge with the longest object handy - nudge, did not maim.  instead it flies towards me
( dear g_d ) and then veers ( man , they fly fast and high) up into the sky to seek shelter in the tallest palm tree . as my screams die down and the neighbor has a good laugh ( no doubt ), i send up thanks.  this was the best possible scenario as removing a giant smooshed grasshopper is something i did not want to contemplate.  maybe somehow worse , definitely worse for the hopper . already considered how i would not be able to drive anywhere else , ever . i mean,  are there more passengers? maybe the rest of the family ?  i don't worry about clowns lurking in my car , obviously by their nature they are pretty easy to spot .

. . . this probably seems a very silly thing to write about, to the reader . a damsel in distress over a bug. comic relief ? so much more to be fearful of , like the upcoming presidential election , the tpp , oil pipelines destroying our precious water .

this is reason # 9 why i love rainy days , you almost never see a grasshopper in the rain .

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