Sunday, July 17, 2016

happiness is my fault , or reincarnation : it's not for the faint hearted

ant agony
army mud boots
plucking the vine , stomping fruits
quickly may miss
love, the darling wolf
a snarling kiss

where's the long lost face 
many a frayed place
cut and layered
alone uncover peace ,  atone
is it under 
this tender palm,  smooth stone ?

i don't know
depends on where we're asked to go
you want to find reason , the hours spent
here's a dedication , you meant
to hit her from below

ill or happy wind
girl gods got nothing up their sleeve
forming their silent smiles
she might believe
a hidden knife
both sought
it's true, this secret life

the madonna , the durga
sign of the cross way station
our first lady,  the first nation
the one who drums and dances
sings to her :
" you are unwell
breathe, be easy,  go to hell "

ancestral voices chime :
go ask buddha about guilt and sin
might be a waste of air
look deep , take it all in
stripped bare
some unknown determined flirt
to make a point
reveal hurt
you're sorry, i'm sorry
our never ending story

open mouthed stare
why does she seek
why did he go there ?
does this make them weak ?
blind leading blind
a dance hoping for
restored vision 
expanse of heart
right mind

sometimes she howls
"i'm good, i'm beauty, tough as nails"
let's test that with a hammer
necessary breakage perhaps
so uncooperative , damn her
so conventionally bound
so trapped in this and that
in what precisely?

be in a hurry, get your hat
asking nicely
make a sound more than illusion , fear
dear lord
threaten's  existence
what new penance

little cold hearted orbs
not so sparkly in the dark
starkly flat white
regarding them each night
illusions of destiny , free will
empty and fill

we all want a song
we want to belong

ah happiness
where is it , can anyone guess ?
kneel for danger
another frontier
another state meant to be
reassembled into something stranger

maybe near,  turning
precious please once more
simple new baby
who loves you?
but no . . what's burning ?

the endless wheel of night
trading wares , holy beads , mystery , hope -
may we yet be spun into pure awareness
gold light ?
unbelievably .

not yet , nope
once again
get up off the collective couch , resurrect the psyche
they all just want to see
one more time
jesus ,  really?
what it's like

07/08. . 07/17/16

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