Sunday, August 30, 2015

i'm almost positive it is supposed to be...

make love not war
i stand by that
are there
positive reinforcements for my troops
from the mat?

if not, perhaps a wee less biting advice?
(she asks sweetly, and wonders if heard)
knowing all too well the power of a word

don't get me wrong
i can read and listen to a song
and learn from what is offered
don't always need 'nice' 

but all the same, for my part, i'll let go. .
it is after all what once was asked
and take a break
from my amped up talk in the scrolling show

a bit of gumption
paler shade of brave
stepping back awhile
from what i often crave

who knows, just might see
what else comes up - in any given day
it's all ok, it's all ok

mission accomplished?
om . . . namaste.

(and good thoughts your way)

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