Friday, June 28, 2013

Fool's Journey Art Quilt

Finishing up a once a month, 6 month art quilt class with Jane LaFazio.  This is quilt # 3, entitled 'Fool's Journey' consisting of 6 mini 'quilts' attached to a 12.75" x 19" velvet and felt backing.  Jane is a phenomenal mixed media artist working predominantly in fabric and cloth. Each class was a different type of art quilt technique, this one : 'working tiny' was my favorite.  I left most of the edges unfinished and the felt backing was a sturdy and easy to work with canvas.  The two 'faux postage' images are adaptations of the male and female fool cards from my Tarot deck, printed on silk. The stars are from a handmade stamp on hand dyed fabric.  I decided to break up the linear with a meandering path of silk embroidered stars on a piece of vintage velvet. Other details: antique buttons, a crow button, botanical cactus prints on silk, hand painted silk ribbon, a brass bell and some text from a curious little pamphlet dated 1924 and inexplicably named:
 "Are the Planets Inhabited?".

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Illustrations for the new book: Waking With Thoreau

Waking With Thoreau, Lungs of the Planet and Other Possibilities
is a new book by Canadian author, Jeffrey Riordan Hinich. 

Illustrated by Leslie Anne Cochran
Published by Dreamythology

Limited signed 1st editions available:
Please visit wakingwiththoreau

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moose under the moon

Just modified and cropped a previous digital collage  for writer Jeffrey Riordan Hinich's recent blog post at wordsoutofthewoods

His story is about crossing paths with four moose on a winter moonlit night in northern Ontario, just recently. We decided that this collage would work well enough, as there certainly was no camera involved that night to record the encounter.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Art Journals

Inspired by long neglected blank journals, chips of shiny mica gathered on a tourmaline quest, boxes full of odd paper clippings, text and enigmatic illustrations, and each others good energy, my niece Myrica and I created these collaged artifacts. It was interesting that as we worked together we used some similar themed imagery, but with totally different results. I get happy just looking at our finished covers and I can't wait to  collage and write in the inner pages of my journal.

Myrica used earth and sky, female and male imagery with blue papers and text, felt and mica trails to add dimension and texture.
Myrica says her female figure with wings beneath her feet is "like she's bringing the love up to the world with the help of a butterfly" 
( I love that idea)

My journal used some long ago water-colored paper, map fragments and and circles (little worlds?), butterflies, mica and text.  Rediscovered the joys of colored penciling too.
Hope we can do another 'workshop' one day soon, Myrica!

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