Friday, August 26, 2016

my life as a Brontë heroine ?

see how i revolve , evolve ?
no, i didn't think so
it is not around or with imperial asses you bite me about
i do live in a strange kingdom . . .

how i lean

what are those things ?
oh, right . they're shoes . they go on the feet
remember to drink and eat
stir it up, body surf a wave
then finish neat 
i love you . . . . . . . . . 
. . . . . . . . . . . . .sweet

glad to know you can work , keep busy , have friends
a visit to your inner orbit

would i get a ' keep away ' midway through the approach
or be met by the repelling presence of other heavenly bodies
studied just enough astrology , astronomy
dear man

on some level i don't care about the the detours
i dismiss them with a wave of my diaphanous sleeve , hah!

sincerity in your asking 

what happened to the north american dream
to be happy as you , the ending too

where is it , when

we don't rightly know yet , do we ?

344 days since the last interstellar signal  sent out was acknowledged

505 days since ( remembrance ) ear to mouth , mouth to  ear

i do math sometimes , a strange comfort
every day every night messages getting through

in spite of all the space static

deepened in these ways , in all the days

suggested peace for now , to grow , to try that

not a good suggestion apparently . maybe mine never are .
physics of the greater shared orbit

but if i harm  . . . if you do

to face your wrath  , your burning projectiles

your deep kisses

if you had any idea what your love does to me

another day,  yet another , only -

if we go on without hate

i really can't stand it anymore as it is

your presence requested . .

mine requested . .

bring back the bon mots please , re-set the 344 back to begin

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